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Two young ladies who were best friends survived the mayhem of WW2 in Austria and would emigrate to the US after the war. The two ladies had been best friends since childhood in Austria as improbably had their mothers been besties before them. Their tight knit friendship carried over to the US. One of the two ladies is my mother. My mom and her best friend Bertie (we called her Tante Bertie) would get the families together several times a year including a weekend at a Motel at the Jersey shore (LBI). We have been doing this get together at LBI for over 60 years now. This get together has extended to next generation (our children) as well as the generation after that (our grandchildren). Bertie’s family is our family and we theirs.

One of Bertie’s children A.G. would live in Brooklyn NY during her professional career years. She has a keen eye for composition and takes jaw dropping photos with her cameras. During 2021 she began sending me some of those incredible photos which I subsequently embedded within my paintings. On the left are the paintings and on the right are A.G’s original photos she sent to me. A view into a collaboration follows 

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