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Current works Galleries Quick Links: Pandemic Palimpsest & Brooklyn Collaboration

It has been almost a year since I began painting on flattened recycled cardboard boxes. I can no longer recollect why I moved to cardboard. But in looking back there are a few things, stealing the line from Johnny Nash, I can see clearly now. The first thing is cardboard is very fragile. After more than year of isolation and news about friends and family who have been forever altered by CV-19 – I can see why I moved to the new medium. Life is fragile. Our control over it is for the most part an illusion. The pandemic permanently removed the illusion of control for me.

The second thing is I have always let the materials have a voice in the final outcome in my artworks. Something reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form. This is the very definition of the word palimpsest. I think Covid’s onset momentously accelerated this evolution of my works. I no longer try and control the narrative – I have let go now and encourage the materials and colors to guide me to the finished paintings. Don’t get me wrong – they are very much rooted in the current events such as the pandemic or social media pushing civilization to the brink of collapse but the focus is no longer absolute.     

Finally, I have never painted so many paintings in year that look and feel right and good to me. Typically, I would paint two or three but over a dozen in one year? Never before. Given that each and every painting can not be duplicated by hand due to their original nature – this was the last thing I would have expected. Perhaps I finally crossed the 10,000-hours barrier in painting. I can’t really say. For this year I have broken the artworks into two galleries: The Brooklyn Collaboration and Pandemic Palimpsests.

There was some works done in 2020 which were for the standard model. They are mostly quick sketch studies. The Pandemic made me feel like this was a superfluous project considering where we were. The 2020 studies

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