artist statement

The pandemic has forever changed everything, albeit at first imperceptibly. I began painting on recycled cardboard initially as a green idea in January 2020. As COVID’s grip widened, I came to know that my art must reflect how fragile we in fact are. I don’t care that the artwork may change over time due to its delicacy. I am not working to preserve a moment. Instead, my expressive brush stroke’s purpose is to render the complex world in a higher visual fidelity. To articulate the typically unseen nuances and layers. The meaning is to reflect and amplify the paradox we continue to live with. To bulldoze the overly simplified narratives.

The collaboration with the cardboard enables the material damage to speak as loudly as my paint. Further, I am collaborating with my closest extended family member. Anne sends me her exquisite photo compositions that I integrate without knowing her conceptual intent. Just as Anne has no prior notion as to my recast meaning of her images. The paradox in the collaboration with the material and Anne speaks to the principal meaning of the art. The kind of trust collaboration rests on is civilizations titanic missing core. The meaning and artistic style seek to render ci-visualization in order to reconnect trust by clearly depicting the paradox as well as exposing the daily drumbeat of messaging as nothing more than a mental hack.

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