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Palimpsest definition: Something reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form. We all had high hopes that the grip of the pandemic would break in 2021. That is why the pandemic was the focus this year. An impressive spring with glorious colors etc. I also started using recycled cardboard as my canvass along with non-toxic acrylic paints. When you paint on something as common as cardboard, particularly in the Amazon shipping age, it is very liberating. You don’t worry if a mistake is made. So what if it is – I can quickly cut out the good bits and recycle the rest. When I made canvasses, I had to stretch them. There were special wood stretchers and pulling everything tight and stapling the canvass to the strips. When I was done, I was staring at a blank canvass. It was like building something which could not be modified or destroyed. You had better make a really great painting otherwise you had merely added more debris to a world already overflowing with trash. The fragile medium evokes the feeling of today. Using the cardboard substrate the rips, logos, stickers and writing become something I seek to preserve. I try to let the underlying cardboard speak as much as possible. More joy in the doing. I think this really is now on the runway to true evolutionary art. Allowing the materials to have their own personality and voice and working to collaborate in creating a palimpsest with the materials.   

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