2020 – The models visualization efforts

2020 had begun as had many other years. A very happy holiday season with family followed by a flurry of work activity to kickoff the new year. My art had followed suit. I thought I would make a final effort to try and articulate visually the common periods between this current economic era and the prior one. In the agricultural economic era around 3,000 BCE writing, the wheel and the sail were first invented. The second half of that economic era looked very different than the prehistoric first half had. I see the invention of the Internet, extreme automation and hyper virtualization (Clouds, AI etc) as having the identical impacts on our economic era as technology development had on the prior one. I expect the second half of the Industrial Revolution will likely be totally different than what I had seen growing up. I was working quickly on serious watercolor paper (Arches Aquarelle paper) to make the sketches. Gouache, water and acrylic on paper. Some pictures having collage. But I didn’t work long before the pandemic hit and I lost all interest in any time in history but the present. The artworks didn’t go far as a result.         

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