2018 Eyewitness Series – The Gallery

In the Eyewitness series I took my paintings that I had painted and digitally merged them with images of what the original painted was talking about. What the idea was in effect. I guess I thought in being a post post modern artist (back then I called myself a post-existentialist) you should be abstract in your thinking. And to be completely honest the thoughts made sense to me and finally I didn’t really care that no one got the meanings. So think of the Eyewitness series as a mulligan for everything I ever painted. The answer to all of those who said WTF is that?

The Eyewitness series was also created as a companion series to the prior Codex series. That series revealed technologies impact on artists from 1860 to 1960. Since my work began in the 1970s I thought why not make the same point with my own. Given that the ISMs and art schools had disappeared by that time I thought it was a natural extension and companion for the Codex.

More paintings can be seen in the book Eyewitness: 1970s to present

Cover of Leopold Boeckl's book Eyewitness. The book reviews technologies impacts on the major artists from the 1970s to present using his own artworks.
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