2018 Eyewitness Series – 1990s Gallery

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The digital mashups and collage paintings made from my 1990 paintings in the Eyewitness series contain some serious high points for my paintings. One mashup below has the original invitation from the Austrian Embassy to my one man show in 1994. Another is a digital artwork from a painting where I had mounted two of computer controller cards into a painting. Those cards carried Internet data from its very birth. Hence the name Welcome to the Machine. I think I nailed the future forecast for the impact of the Internet if I must say so myself – and I do. The original painting titled Welcome the Machine was painted in late 1993.

The whole point of the Eyewitness series in digital merging images with the original oil paintings was to better articulate what the actual painting ideas were really about. I must say I think I like the digitally integrated artwork almost better than the originals. I don’t know maybe I am just getting old. I know when I created the object oriented art originally I didn’t really care if anyone understood them. News flash they didn’t then – and still don’t today. LOL

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