2018 Eyewitness Series – 1970s Gallery

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Of interest in the Eyewitness series from the 1970s was the first painting I ever exhibited. Not to infer I exhibited tons of paintings in my life. That was not the case. It was in a group show sponsored by the women’s art league of Washington DC. The art’s league was headed by Vice President Mondale’s spouse Joan. My mom took about 10 of us out for a Chinese dinner afterwards. We had more fun at the restaurant than the exhibition. The painting titled Surreal decay (now) – I can’t remember what I called it then. Hey, you try and remember a gazillion artwork names over 40+ years. The painting had a door mounted on the top right and when it was opened it had the words painted “no beauty here” painted on it. Ok let’s all admit I have improved a bit since I started painting.  

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