2017 The Codex Series Gallery

The Codex Series was a series of a little more than 100 paintings where I advanced the theory of the impact of industrial technology development on the arts. In all honesty it was like shooting fish in a barrel. The drivers for the artists were either standing in plain site in their artworks or with a fraction of understanding of the artists could easily be found. I admit these are my theories.

Why did I do this. Because one day AI will be able to look at unstructured data (words and pictures) and do much deeper analysis – but someone has to prime the systems with what to look for. That was my primary driver. Secondarily if I was being overly optimistic on AI then was hoping perhaps, I could interest a historian to look at the progression of modern schools and isms as no longer simply the search for new styles. That has been the accepted canon for over 100 years now. Rather it was the reaction to rapid changes occurring in the industrialized world. Today this is old news. Everyone is aware that the world is constantly moving faster via automation. Back then they were coming from an agrarian world which had not appreciable changed for two thousand years. Then they started to see the speed.    

More paintings from the Codex Series is in the book the Codex Series

Cover of Leopold Boeckl's book the Codex Studies. The book reviews technologies impacts on the major artists from the 1860s to the 1970s.

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