2017 Codex Series: Impressionists and Post Impressionists

Codex Gallery Quick Links: Impressionists Expressionists Cubists

The Impressionists are the easiest to tie back to technology. The leading edge technology of the day was STEAM! What does every Impressionistic painting look like? It looks like anything one can look at through steam vapors. Monet famously painted rail yards and trains. Pretty straight forward connection.  

The Post Impressionists require more research. Toulouse-Lautrec painting the Moulin Rouge which was outlined in hundreds if not thousands of light bulbs at that time. Or Paul Cezanne painting his muse Mount Sainte-Victoire mountain hundreds of times but never once showing the trains steaming loudly across the mountain everyday again and again. Instead of painting the trains he painstakingly deleted them from every one of the over two hundred compositions he painted of Mount Sainte-Victoire.

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