2017 Codex Series – Expressionists & Abstract Expressionists

Codex Gallery Quick Links: Impressionists Expressionists Cubists

The Expressionists put technology directly into their paintings. They were the first 20th century school to do this followed by the Cubists and then the Surrealists chronologically. If technology was impacting leading edge artists, then the first modern school to have a primary driver of technology should have been the Expressionists which they were.

The Abstract Expressionists require a bit more leg work as their paintings were by definition abstract. But what are the abstractions reminiscent of? When you click through the gallery, the paintings descriptions will take you that layer deeper. Finally, If you have visited the Post Modern Prayers Series then Jackson Pollock is very easy to understand. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) released an album with songs from Pollock’s personal jazz record collection. I think his paintings can only be truly understood by his love of jazz. Jackson’s paintings are the essence of improvisation. An image of the MoMA record image follows.

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