2000 Gallery – Evolutionary artworks take hold

In 1997 I read Jared Diamond fascinating book Guns, Germs and Steel. I began to wonder if world history had been driven by technology development as the primary driver instead of the model Diamond had proposed in his fascinating book. Now I didn’t have a staff as did Professor Diamond therefore in order for me to try and answer the question I would go onto read hundreds of books over the next decade and apply what I was learning from ancient cultures to present in order to try an identify the common factors across the three technology economic eras (Hunter-gatherer, Agricultural and Industrial eras). Identifying the factors was hard enough but then determining which ones could be benchmarked across the three eras and which one were significant presented a huge challenge. It was humanities self domestication process evolving from primates to modern humans which not only fascinated me but was also at the core of the question I was asking.  

Further given that I am product of the Big-Tech industry and having always lived in the leading-edge industrial society – the only way to wrap my mind around pre-historic and ancient thinking I essentially had to try and inhabit mental perspectives from long ago. Whenever I entered the studio, I would apply the latest physics models and theories to worldviews and cultures which very different from the ones I knew. This is what my paintings from 2000 onwards would really be all about. The exploration of factors towards a proposed standard model in history driven by technology. The smoking gun for me so to speak landed when I read Carlota Perez’s book “Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital.” Carlota’s book outlined technology cores which drove the Industrial Revolution. If anything which Carlota had proposed was true then it also had to be true for the prior economic eras as well. In 2000 I begun a 20 year trek in search of a standard history model. From here the paintings became visual mental experiments. The model was outlined in my book: Innovation and Revolt: How technology reinvents human societies – and always will (the Kindle edition).

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