Welcome to the home of my palimpsest and techno-economic artworks and paintings.

I certainly did not know it when I started painting or at most of the points along the way but the creation of artworks for me has always been a way to visually work through ideas. Some of which I had been formulating for a very long time. The pictures are my way of knowing or in some cases simply validating the knowledge. In the age of information this becomes acutely important as knowing and believing have sadly become inextricably intertwined. Since the latter 1990s I had spent decades researching a proposed standard history model. The model is constructed on the foundation of techno-economics as having always been the primary mover of all history. In a few words you have the summary of my why I painted as well as what the artworks were about. The synthesis for all of this became my proposed standard history model. I would characterize the artworks as evolutionary art given that the model was researching what shaped humanities self domestication and therefore in a single word evolution.

Ironically, I had also not realized until very recently that I had been creating palimpsest artworks since the early 1980s. Beyond the current works where I allow the original underlying material to show through or in earlier works the artwork would focus on taking images and merge them with others to create a new more completely articulated artwork. Example of the Post Modern Prayer Series as well as the Codex Series demonstrate this concept very clearly. I hope you enjoy touring my current works traveling all the way back in time to my earliest artworks.

And then the pandemic hit and changed everything . . .

Leo Boeckl’s home for his paintings on the web.

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